Natural Solutions for Painful Periods….

Ladies… come closer… do you suffer from painful periods??

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For almost 5 years now I have been learning about and working with women on their emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health. Whoa!

One of my favorite topics on a physical level I work with is women's hormone balancing, specifically, painful + irregular periods. I have history of this myself so I so deeply know the powerlessness and disconnection from our bodies that these symptoms can create. The worry that comes from wondering if you're "broken."

But it's not hopeless! And you are not broken! And it doesn't require synthetic hormones to solve these issues either (which don't actually "solve" anything, just mask the symptoms.. like a bandaid over a gaping wound.)

I'll always be here affirming that we are not broken, that our bodies are incredibly resilient and when given the tools and constituents they need to heal, they will.


I am so confident in my ability to lessen or erase the hormonal imbalance symptoms like painful + irregular periods with ONLY natural means, that I created a special membership where I will be educating + offering support to women who are struggling with irregular or painful periods.

If you or someone you know or love is experience the very real struggle of intensive pain, moodiness, sleep issues, infertility fears that come with hormonal imbalances please join the group and let’s get you feeling better… naturally.